Puppy Training in Tampa Bay



"Educating the world one puppy family at a time."



​Having  experience training and photographing dogs helps us capture one of a kind photos .

            Puppy Training in Tampa Bay for over fifteen years!

We are Puppy Experts and will help you every step of the way!.

​Puppies are my specialty!!

Teaching manners is your most important job as a dog owner.

PrePuppy Consulting helps you select the right dog for your lifestyle.


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Personalized Portraits

Reach out:        813-200-4204 or email thecanineco@yahoo.com

I have been in love with dogs and horses since I was ten years old.

My continuededucation and certification comes from our leading positive top dog experts and associations in training and animal health.

I dedicate my energy and time to helping as many puppy owners as I can.

I offer one of a kind Puppy Training catering to my clients from puppy to full grown adult family pet. 

If I can help one client overcome one problem, prevent one dog from being given away or certify another Canine Good Citizen, then its a good day!

As an award winning photographer, I offer unique Dog Photography to capture that once in a lifetime expression on your dogs face. My work takes time, patience, understanding and a love for animals. I make training and photography fun with a sense of humor and a relaxed, realistic set of expectations.

My style and caring personality keep my clients referring my services and my phone keeps ringing. If you are thinking about getting a puppy, are waiting for your puppy or have a new puppy, I am at your service and waiting to hear from you! 

Jacqui Silla